Taking Care of Yourself – Not an Option

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I’ve been a full-time grad school student for the last eight months. It’s been wonderful and exhausting. I’ve loved school since kindergarten and I’ve been looking forward to grad school for nearly a decade. The process of getting accepted and enrolled happened in a whirlwind and I didn’t have any time to plan for it. I started school in March (the autumn semester here in Australia) and hadn’t even finished my U.S. taxes, so I started out behind already in terms of time.

And nothing really changed.

I stayed barely one step ahead of the slashing scythe of time the whole year. With three weeks left to go now and three more assignments due – and Australian taxes due by the weekend! – I can tell you some things I’ve learned. I hope they help you prepare for NaNo or your next writing push.


Know yourself. Do you need 6-7 hours a night? Then don’t go below 6. I am a happy camper with 8 1/2 hours plus time to lie in bed before I get up. (I like to talk to God about my day and mentally map it out.) So I try not to get less than 7, and I don’t get less than 6 hours two nights in a row. When I know I’m going to have a timing issue with sleep, I try to plan around it. On nights I’m out late for class or a meeting, I try to make sure the next morning is not a running morning. (On running days I get up at least an hour earlier.)

Know how you sleep and what helps you sleep better or worse. I’ve found I don’t sleep well if I’ve eaten in the last couple hours before bed. If I drink too much liquid in the last 4-6 hours of the day, I will often wake up and then rarely sleep well again after the bathroom break. (I now try to drink my many glasses of water from the time I wake up until about 3pm. I’m a big water drinker, but it’s bad for sleeping well.) The stress of school hasn’t helped either. A nutritionist at the local pharmacy suggested some natural herbal sleep aids. They’ve done wonders!


I used to hate exercising. I don’t know why. I really don’t know why I’ve come to love running!  :)  But here is a very real example for you. John and I ran a half marathon in September. We wanted a few days break from our running schedule, so we took it. Company came and we got lazy for another 10 days. Then it seemed to rain every morning that we planned to run. Before we knew it, a month had passed before we went out again. It was no surprise that we did terribly those first few days. What was a surprise was how much better I felt within a day or two after getting back into my regular running routine. I had more mental and physical energy to pour into my work.

If you exercise, keep at it. If you used to, but don’t do it anymore because you don’t have time, get back into it. If you hate the very word, do some floor exercises or at least stretches every day. This will help you stay strong while you spend time at your computer. And remember to stretch every 20-30 minutes. I set my kitchen timer this week and did a different stretch every 20 or so minutes. Each time took about 1 minute or less. Not that much time out of your day! I think you’ll see it has lasting positive effects.


This is my biggest weakness. (Have suggestions? Please share them!) The only thing I know for sure is that if I start the day with eggs or a protein shake, everything is better. I don’t have as many cravings and I find it somewhat easier to skip the sugary foods in my pantry. And I feel like I can concentrate better. But if I start with my favorite jaffa muffin from Brumby’s (an orange and chocolate chip muffin from my favorite bakery), I seem to crave sugars and breads all day.

When I asked the nutritionist about something to help me sleep, I told her about my life and stress and asked if she had any advice. She not only suggested the protein shake in the morning, or sprinkling the protein powder on healthy cereal, but she said I’d be better off keeping some fruits and nuts nearby for snacking. I’ve been eating prunes and dried apricots and almonds and peanuts for snacks lately. Again, big difference. Not only is it better for my body than sugary snacks and cookies, but my snack-craving fades after I’ve eaten a couple handfuls. Then I’m back to focusing on my work again. (One new favorite for breakfast or snacks – Special K with Chocolatey Flakes. Mmm.)

If you’re like me, and you work until you’re starving hungry and then have no self-control until you’ve put something in your stomach to ease the hunger pains – put a bag of your favorite dried fruit or nuts or whatever on your desk. Keep a package there – airtight so you don’t get bugs – and remind yourself to reach for it any time, guilt-free!

Rewards for NOT Doing It

We often talk about rewards as part of your writing routine. But usually Shonna and Stephanie and I are giving you ways to reward yourself for your accomplishments. I’ve gotten into the habit lately of rewarding myself for what I’m not doing. If I don’t check email or do anything else in the morning, just sit down and do my work until lunch time, I reward myself with TV during lunch. My big weakness is doing other little things before the big thing that needs to be done in my day. (Lately, homework, but also putting writing first.) Then the big and most important thing doesn’t get completed until late in the day because I started it later than I should have/wanted to. (Or worse, it doesn’t get completed that day.)

When I go on my writer’s retreat this weekend, talking is going to be the biggest problem (and not just for me!). I have to think of something not-unhealthy to reward myself for not talking during our designated writing times. Giving myself cookies as a reward will only undermine my new goal for the summer to lose weight.  :)  I’m still working on the rewards for changing my “bad” behaviors. Throw out some ideas if you have any. The idea is to sabotage your self-sabotaging behaviors.

I hope this helps you as you make decisions about how to proceed with NaNoWriMo or your other big writing push! You can do it!

Kitty Bucholtz

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Kitty Bucholtz is the author of the superhero urban fantasy novel UNEXPECTED SUPERHERO and the free short story prologue "Superhero in Disguise," as well as the romantic comedy LITTLE MISS LOVESICK. Her books are available in print and ebook form at most major retailers.

3 responses to Taking Care of Yourself – Not an Option

  1. Shonna Slayton at

    My healthy eating tip of the day (backed up by St. Augustine): You can’t eat what you don’t have in the house. Or, as my mom says: Don’t bring it home. Or, St. Augustine: Complete abstinence is easier than perfect moderation.

    These are the quotes I repeat when I have a certain chocolate/almond combination in my hand and I know I’ll have no restraint once I get home:)

  2. Omg Kitty what are the herbal sleep aids? (Melatonin? Valerian?) I’ve struggled with stress-related insomnia my whole life and it’s seriously killing my health.

    I’m huge on nutrition too b/c I have to – I’m severely hypoglycemic. I try to remember to eat every 2-3 hours. Interestingly, I’ve discovered that when I control my portions well (and reduce calories each meal) I get less sugar crashes. I also started losing weight this summer so it was a eureka moment.

  3. Kitty Bucholtz at

    Shonna, I know what you mean. For me, I’ve found that long-term success is more likely when I don’t cut the treats totally out of my diet. Being self-disciplined is difficult – but when it works, it’s worth it! LOL!

    52 Faces, what has worked best for us is called “Sleep More” – here is the company’s web site: http://www.totallynatural.com.au/totally_natural_products_sleep_more.htm

    We also take “Mega Magnesium” – here is the company’s web site: http://ethicalnutrients.com.au/content/products/mega-magnesium

    We used to take “ReDormin” with Valerian and Hops, but we found Sleep More worked better. I hope you can find a product in your area with similar ingredients if you don’t live in Australia. Good luck! Oh, and I’m SOO with you about controlling what I eat and how much and when and how it affects me! I, too, will be making some changes in November and expect weight loss to be one of the effects. :)