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I’m getting lots of summer reading in this year, and here is a book that’s been on my shelves for awhile, yet I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned it. I pull it out every so often, especially if I am reading one of the author’s books for book club. Behind the Stories, Christian Novelists Reveal the Heart in the Art of their Writing is a compilation of 40 author’s behind-the-scenes stories. 

Copyright 2002 it’s already an oldie-but a goody. In fact, you can buy it from an Amazon affiliate for only one cent plus shipping. I wish there were an updated version with some of Christian publishing’s new talent, but I guess that’s what blogs are for nowadays.

The book is divided into eleven topics, such as: Say Yes to God, Uniquely Gifted, Everybody Needs Somebody, and Dream God’s Dreams.

Here is a sampling:

“I am a storyteller. I have finally come to realize that stories can be savored just for the sake of the story. Pure escapism is a blessing to many, and I am happy to be used for this purpose.” – Judith Pella


“My calling is to probe beneath the surface into the deep longings of people, then to open a door into the invisible spiritual realm so people can see ultimate realities—including God, angels, demons, heaven, and hell—with the eyes of faith and imagination. You can’t help but live differently once you learn to see differently.” –Randy Alcorn


“My calling—and my greatest delight—is to encourage women to embrace the grace of God and celebrate their life in him with JOY.” –Liz Curtis Higgs


And speaking of Liz Cutis Higgs, look at these office stats listed in her chapter:

On a “lighter than usual month:”

  • 43 requests to speak
  • 118 orders for books and tapes
  • 126 letters from readers
  • 255 requests for her newsletter
  • 34 requests from publishers
  • 35 requests from speaking clients
  • 15 media interviews

Whew! Fascinating peek into the life of a busy writer/speaker. (And this was back in early 2000. Can’t imagine how busy she is now! Thank you, Liz for taking time to write us an Author Crush Blog. I’m even more appreciative after seeing your office stats!)

As an aspiring author, I enjoy reading these tidbits about the writer’s life. They help me prepare my mind for what is ahead, and the shared struggles give me encouragement to keep me moving forward.

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