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          A few weeks ago I was contacted by the literary assistant to one of my favorite authors (Kathy Tyers). She asked if I would be interested in reading an advance copy of the author’s next book (Wind and Shadow) and consider posting a review after it was released. I, of course, jumped at the opportunity. I’d planned on buying the book as soon as it came out and was thrilled to have a chance to read it early. The book was as satisfying as expected and I’ll post my thoughts about it here next week.

          As I’ve thought about what I want to say about the book, I decided to see what tips I could find to help me write a helpful and informative review. There are several websites with instructions for writing reviews. In case you are interested, here are the more interesting or informative ones I found.

          In the midst of this research, I rediscovered my enthusiasm for an abandoned project. Just a couple of years ago I started my personal blog, Stephanie’s Musings, with the intent of posting reviews of books and movies I enjoyed. Various life struggles, time demands and fractured priorities derailed my attempts to regularly post anything. My reading dwindled to almost nothing and my passion for writing along with it. (Definite correlation there that needs to be explored.)

          Over the past months, though, that love of reading and writing is returning. With it the desire is growing to share with the world, or at least those few who want to listen, my thoughts and opinions of favorite movies and books. Check out Stephanie’s Musings in the coming weeks for reviews of what I’m currently reading (including a review of Kitty Bucholtz’ “Little Miss Lovesick”). Feel free to let me know what you would like to see reviewed.

Stephanie Shackelford


Stephanie is an aspiring writer of fantasy romances. She creates her worlds while traveling the globe with her husband and helping her fledgling birdies "fly the nest". She can't wait till those birdies have their own nests she can visit.

5 responses to Learning to Love Book Reviews

  1. These are really good resources! I found the 2nd one extremely helpful and I’m inspired to take my reviews up a notch!

  2. Shonna Slayton at

    I can’t remember–Have you read the Conspiracy of Kings series by Megan Whalen Turner? I’d like to hear your take on them. (I think you’ll really like the books.)

  3. Kitty Bucholtz at

    Great post, Steph! I’ll have to read those links. And of course, I’m tentatively looking forward to reading a certain review. 😉 Be honest, please! 😀

  4. Megan, I’m so glad the links were helpful. Shonna, I haven’t read the series, but it is now on my to-be-read list. Kitty, no need to be tentative. :) I love your writing and I remember I loved that story all those years ago so I’m sure I’m going to love your rewrite.

  5. Nintaikage at

    Nice links. I am keen to try a bit of this sometime.