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          September at Routines for Writers is Book Month. We’ll talk about books we’ve read, discuss things we’ve learned from books, explore ways to publish books and more. Anything about books. A writer’s favorite subject, right?

          I come from a reading family. Some of my earliest memories are of my mom reading, to me or for herself. My grandmother or my aunts always had books available. One aunt had a special shelf of books. The higher the shelf, the more advanced the books. I went from Dr. Seuss on the bottom shelf to Little Women on one of the higher shelves. I missed that bookshelf as much as I did my aunt when we moved away and were too far to visit often.

          It’s no surprise that my daughter reads even more prolifically that me. She won prizes in every summer reading program she entered. What does surprise me is how much she hates electronic books. She’s only picked up my Kindle once. And put it down within five minutes in disgust. No matter how I extol the benefits of electronic books, she’s adamant. Nothing is better than paper and ink books. Nothing comes close to paper and ink books. She wants nothing to do with anything other than paper and ink books.

          Some time ago I wrote about how much I love my Kindle. That was right after it had been given to me. I still love it. (I’m a little perturbed at Amazon over what I consider a warranty issue, but I still love the Kindle.) I thought today, the beginning of Book Month at RFW, would be a good time to continue the discussion of this alternate ways to buy, store, read and publish books.

          What do I like about my Kindle. Let me count the ways.

          As a faithful patron of libraries, I’m always discovering books I want to read. In the past, I was limited to the books I could borrow. My small-town library doesn’t always have everything I want, even with inter-library loan (which I utilize to the hilt). My Kindle has changed that! I can download a sample of more books than I could ever read. And more books become available everyday. (Recently, I ordered a book in paperback because it wasn’t available in Kindle. Two weeks later, when I went to order it again for a gift, there it was in Kindle version. (And the free books! I spend hours browsing and “buying” free books.)

          After reading the sample of a book, it’s easy to buy. With a push of a button, it’s purchased. Another few seconds, it’s downloaded to my Kindle. No matter where I am in the world. I bought more books while over in China than I have living in the States.

          I can carry multiple books with me. This is wonderful for traveling. I’m always in the middle of several books. When I go away for a day or ten, I’m never sure which book to take with me. I usually take several. Now I can take as many as I want and not give a thought to space or weight.

          I’m in the middle of a road trip in which I’m the only driver. Most of the time I’m chatting with my travel-mate. Sometimes, though, during long stretches of silence, I read my Kindle. Yes, you read that right. I read my Kindle. I turn on the text-to-speech feature, put my earbud in and listen to my Kindle read to me. It’s an unemotional computer-generated voice and mispronounces many of the words, but I still like it.

          I still love my Kindle. What about you? Have you tried any of the electronic books? What do you like about it? What do you not like about it?

          I have a Kindle! I have a Kindle!

          Laugh all you want at my excitement. It won’t phase me. I’m too immersed in reading the plethora of books I’ve discovered for my new Kindle. :)

          This unexpected gift was handed to me last week, just in time for an extended road trip. And just in time to help me achieve my Anti-Procrastination Month goal of reading 4 new novels this month. I knew I needed to read more, fill my creative tank, so to speak and this month seemed the perfect time. I had an extended road trip planned and would have at least half the travel time to read (more if my daughter can’t relax enough to let me drive her car).

          Before I even suspected I would receive a Kindle, I’d learned about Amazon’s Kindle for PC, an easily downloadable program that allows you to read Kindle books on your PC. In a few easy steps I had the program loaded and my first (free!) book downloaded. Within days, I’d discovered the Kindle version of several books I’d been wanting to read. They were only $.99! In the two weeks leading up to my vacation, I added more books to my Kindle for PC. I was ready to go. I could read my novels on my computer while we drove all over the US.

          Two days before my departure, an elderly relative called and asked me to come see him. When I arrived, he handed me a box. I opened it. It was a Kindle! I have a dear friend who calls me the Queen of Understatement. To say I was thrilled is a huge understatement. I squealed and hugged him and thanked him several times. Then I went home and neglected the multitude of tasks I needed to do to play with my new toy. :)

          As content as I was to read my books on my PC, I’m so thankful to have a Kindle. It is so easy to read! I can even sit in the sun and read, no glare on the screen. And it’s so small, it fits in my purse, available at anytime I might have to redeem otherwise wasted minutes. It holds more books than I could read in years, all a 5 x 8 “book” that weighs less than most paperbacks. I can be read multiple books and my Kindle automatically takes me to the last page I read when I open each book. I love my Kindle.

          The definition of kindle is “to ignite or set on fire.” Receiving my Kindle has done just that. I’ve always loved reading. I now love it even more.

          My goal for Anti-Procrastination Month was to read 4 novels. I read “Shutter Island” by Dennis Lehane before my road trip, “Rooms” by James L. Rupert in the first few days of the trip and am now reading “The Light Princess” by George MacDonald, “Refuge” by Stephanie Gallentine and “The Word Reclaimed” by Steve Rzasa. I still have 1500 more miles to travel. With a battery that holds a charge for over a week, that’s plenty of time to finish these stories. (Especially if my daughter never wants me to drive. :) ) I love my Kindle!

          Do you think reading novels is as important (and fun!) as writing them? What novels are you reading? Do you have or want an electronic reader? Or do you prefer the experience of paper and ink? What kindles your reading enthusiasm?